Friday, February 18, 2011

Hold on to your paintbrushes, this one is great. Anne-Marie @ 10 rooms blew my socks off today. With a little paint, fabric and I'm sure a lot of hard work she turned a tiny bland room into a cheerful burst of joy. Check her out here to see the full reveal.


Living Foxy said...

Great makeover. Love your blog:) I'm a new follower.


Laura said...

hi lisey,
i have a pic of olivia in her outfit, it's not great but i'll send it to you....can you tell ive neglected blogland as ive just seen your comment!!!
was it you that i was having the conversation with about mustard yellow and grey? maybe not, anyhow LOOOOOVVEEE grey and yellow together. that blue is nice but it would scream classy if it was grey. the blue is cheerful though.
you guys thinking of doing your nook upstairs?
xoxo laura