Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blissful Blogging

A few ladies have been blogging on the honesty of the blog world. I personally love the "happy" blog world. It helps me cope with the not so great stuff going on in my world. The few minutes - or hours- that I am in the blog world are peaceful and art inspiring.

Of course there are other things going on in our worlds that we do not care to blog about, but that is the beauty of the blog. For many of us this is a place to show off our wonderful creations, usually inspired by happy thoughts or occasions. For some this is a social outlet and an escape from the stress of our lives. And for others it is a place to run a business and make a living.

All of the blogs I read everyday inspire me to be true to me. I do not have children yet, but the sweet stories and pictures of my fellow blogger's children brings a smile to my face. I would like to have a kitten and when the time is right I will, but for now the curious pictures of your pets enjoying life make me smile to. Simply put, sharing your happiness and positive stories help me to pursure the same happy ending for myself.

To hear of London Mummy 's courageous story and her determination to go on and be successful in life is amazing! There are probably some women out there that have gone through a similar situation or are going through it right now and hearing her story probably has helped them, but truthfully that may not be so easy to do or say for others.

I think the "happy" blog world is a good one, but if one of my fellow bloggers was going through a rough patch and needed some support all she need do is ask and I know a "web" of support would be there to catch her.

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London Mummy said...

Did someone mention the word kitten? Oh how Livvy is longing for one :)

A big cheer for pursuing happy endings, whatever they may be!