Tuesday, February 19, 2008

V-Day Presents

Marshmellow Chocolate Fudge - Weight Watcher's recipe

Chocolate Bundt Cake, Lo- cal made with sour crout Pretty Hydrengas from our wedding flourist
As promised my sweet husband made some yummy desserts for me for Valentine's Day. He went on the Weight Watcher's website and found 2 low point recipes. The first was Chocolate fudge made with marshmellows and the second was yummy chocolate cake made low points by not using dairy and using sour crout of all things for the moisture! Such a thoughtful man he is. I truely am a very lucky girl to be spoiled by him on a regular basis. To top it all off he agreed to go with me next week to the Spice Girls concert! I do love this man!

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Tizzalicious said...

Hmm, that looks delicious!