Friday, March 7, 2008

Back trackn' : Part 2

I also went to the IDS (interior design show) here in Toronto. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Funky side tables with spun legs. Can be custom made.
2. I love these chairs and the little arrangment for my living room.
3. The big blue round mirror has tiny little pieces of mirror around it that really make it sparkle.
4. I've told my husband, this is the rocker I want for our nursery.

There were so many other things to see as well. But I could blog all day about it all. It was a great show and I'm glad I got to go. Funny thing, my husband was really blown away by the cost of many of the items. What crazy people will pay for good design.

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chriskauf said...

Shocking prices out there, I agree, which is why I have out of need become so handy in a little bit of everything, if you don't want to over spend get creative right , I can picture you now with a baby laying side ways curled up in ball with your future baby, those late night wake ups, I remember so many nights sitting in a chair in my daughters room falling asleep sitting up I wish I had had a rocker ,but a much more practical one with arms , as stylish as those are , you need arms maybe not maybe just pillows , go for it.