Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My pretty new reward

I know it's not hand made, and I know they are a little pricey......but Monday was reward myself for loosing 10 lbs!! Yes I lost 10lbs, and I am on my way to my target of 15lbs.

I love the design and quality of Coach and have another one in black. My hubby bought it, along with a lovely blue Coach wallet, for my wedding day gift. I bought him tickets to Mariah Carey in Vegas. I know what you are thinking, those aren't usual wedding day gifts but we felt being married was all we really needed and the gifts was a nice way to spoil the other person because we love them. That being said the purse for me was perfect. Previously I bought funky cool purses everytime I went to the mall. Having a designer purse meant that I couldn't justify wasting the life of it by not using it everyday. It's been 3 years since I bought a purse and my sister got a prefered customer coupon for 25% off - so I thought the timing was right.

There's something about spoiling yourself that puts a permanent smile on your face. The sun shines brighter the kids screaming on the GO train to work sounds like birds chirping and I don't mind the cold as much cause I have my pretty new purse on my shoulder and everyone is jealous of how beautiful it is. I know, no one knows it's new, no one even notices, but it makes me feel great to think that the whole world is jealous of me for loosing 10lbs and having a fancy new purse. I know I'm nuts.

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Wendy said...

congrats on the loss of 10lbs... Love the bag.. I am a Louie Vutton lover and there's a handbag out there just calling my name.