Friday, April 4, 2008

Hunting for Eggs

My husbands family all came over for Easter dinner on Sunday. Once all the kids were there my mother in law did an Easter egg hunt all over the house. There were over 60 eggs! The kids had a blast, sadly there was one egg not found......

Please excuse the mis-match furniture and lack of anything on the walls, we emptied the entire living/dinning room to have all 22 of us sit at the same table. That's a tradition that we always keep. It's really nice after dinner to just sit and talk. The kids eventually get up and go play, but they are well behaved enough that none of us need to hover. As for the state of the living/dining room, well let's hope that gets better before the end of the year.

So it's 2 weeks later and all the floral arrangements I made for the dinner table started to wilt. I took them all into the kitchen to composte the dying flowers and rearrange the ones that were still good. You'll never guess what I found amidst the flowers and water....the missing egg! I had to laugh. There were eggs everywhere, in the drawers in the kitchen, under the island chairs, perched atop the drapery rods, but after hiding 60 eggs my sweet mother in law forgot some of the hiding spots.

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