Thursday, May 15, 2008

The New Addition to our home

Ladies and Gentelmen I am please to introduce to you our sweet little Cece.

My husband's cousin works at the pet store in the mall and when I called to see if they had any kittens he said yes. We were going to the mall to find my husband a suit. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I did ask my dear husband if there was one there that we both liked if we could get her. At first he hesitated but in the end said yes.
So we packed the cat carrier in the trunk and parked near the pet store. First we went to the suit store and found 2 suits that looked really nice on my husband. We have to get his size sent to the store so we didn't actually buy one. Then we walked over to the pet store and found 2 little lonely kittens in the cage. One was black and white, but the other cutie was grey and black stripes. Now I'm not bias but I think she is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I crossed my fingers hoping she was a girl (cause that's what we were hoping for) as his cousin opened the cage. He put her in my arms and she snuggled with me right away. I fell in love right away. My husband hummed and hahhed, but when he asked me "do you want her" there was really no question in his mind. So he went out to the car and got the carrier while Cece and I shopped the store for her supplies.
We took her to the car along with all her new belongings and rushed over to the grocery store. Since we have been back from Thailand there wasn't much I grabbed on Thursday, so we were in desperate need of a few items. Cece was very well behaved. We took her carrier into the store and placed her on the top shelf of the cart while we shopped. Unfortunately Cece had to use the bathroom and went poopy in her carrier. Cats are so very different from dogs. She tried desperately not to touch the poop, a dog on the other hand would have sniffed it, in some cases eaten it. Instead little Cece sat as far away from it as she could and gave a sad little meow to let us know we had to go.
We packed the groceries in the car and drove a short distance home. I took Cece upstairs to the spare bathroom to clean her and her carrier up. After her bath she got a quick blow dry and then it was off to explore her new home. At this point it was well after 10 pm and the jet lag was still affecting us. To bad for us, little Cece had so much energy. We bounced around the house and had a great time. We put her to bed, in one of the spare rooms with her food and litter box, and went to bed ourselves.
She got to come out this morning to play with us for a good 1.5 hours until we had to leave for work. We left her in her room because I wasn't to keen on leaving a 6 week old kitten alone to explore a house that hasn't been kitty proofed yet.
I miss her.

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Liz said...

What an adorable little kitten! I had one that looked so similar when I was little, his name was Charlie. I still miss him. Alas, Mabel would not tolerate another dog, let alone kitty. :(