Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Resolutions Update

** Cute little stray infront of the Starbucks in Thailand**
I update the status on my resolutions to remind me what I should be focusing on this year and also to see how far I have strayed from the goals I set.

-loose 20-15 lbs
I've still kept the weight off, but sadly the exercising hasn't started yet.

-incorporate healthy foods into my diet and cut back on processed foods
Still going strong on this one too. I'm at the point where when I have "junk" food I actually feel gross inside.

-be more active and exercise more
Still working on this one :)

-spend more quality time with my friends, family and husband
As the warmer weather approaches the BBQs and festivities increase. Having fun

-have friends or family over for dinner at least every other month
Getting better at this one too. I just have to be more convincing when I send out invitations.

-take more photos – need to utilize my camera more
I've taken more photos of Milo, but not much of anything else. I need to refocus. However I am teaching myself how to use Photoshop so that's a plus.

-finish our master bedroom, basement storage room, and kitchen backsplash
Master bedroom still needs furniture, the basement might get done this holiday Tuesday, and the backsplash will have to wait until dad is better from his surgery.

-get window treatments up in the bathrooms – we still have those silly paper blinds
Opps, I forgot about this one

-setup a financial plan with my husband and set goals to meet
Still doing well and have some great "projects" lined up

-make more hand made gifts instead of store bought
I've slacked a little on this one. Hopefully I can get back on track.

-finalize the location of my “art” room and organize it – starting with a table for my sewing machine and shelves in the walk-in closet
Art room? What's that? I haven't seen the inside of that room in a while. Very sad.

-If the time is right, begin a “family”…..
Not ready just yet. I know there are family members and friends all on the edge of their seats for this news, but really you should adjust your bottoms and sit tighter - not happening until a few of the things above happen. We want our "family" to live in a home and be comfortable doing it. Don't want to rush anything we're still young.

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Liz said...

I feel your pain. I havent seen the inside of my office/writing room in weeks. Doesnt it just make you feel guilty when you walk by it?