Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Hair Fiasco

I don't have a picture of the horrible dye job the stylist did on Saturday. In fairness I made a few errors. In the future do not do the following:

#1 - Don't go to a new stylist and ask for a new do, you don't know what they are like yet. Make sure you are comfortable with them and they know your style. You have to trust that they know how to look at a picture of a style and adjust it to suit the shape of your face, your hair color and how much you are willing to cut off.

#2 - There's something to be said about going to a stylist and their own hair looks really scary, I think RUN! is what it's trying to say. She was a nice enough lady, but her curly maroon hair brushed to try and be straight was definitely not working for her. She looked like Side Show Bob from the Simpsons.

#3 - Do not mention things that you wish they could do, they will try to talk you into it.

"I would love blond highlights, but I know my hair won't go that light"
"Oh I can do blond in your hair, no problem"
"Okay then, as long as it doesn't look brassy or yellow"

*She must have stopped listening at 'Sure' cause that's where the trouble began

#4 - Do not use photos of celebrities to help describe the style you want. They have millions of dollars invested in their hair. They also have their own personal stylist and no matter how hard you try, your do will never look as good at theirs.

#5 - Try to get photos of people that look somewhat like you. Try the same race or hair color. As beautiful at that German blond with blue eyes looks with the gorgeous hair, yours is dark brown and your skin is mocha colored. It won't look the same.

So the picture below is after my sister helped me grab a bottle of drugstore dye and cover up the yellow tiger stripes I ended up with. The style that I was going for is not what I ended up with. Simply put she cut a few inches across the bottom below my shoulders. It was more of a trim with yellow racing stripes.

What about the bangs you ask? Oh those got cut, but are past my chin. I cant side sweep them if I tried. So the style that I hoped for is not at all what I got. Maybe I'll try to find my old hairstylist, Oh Massimo where are you? Look what they've done!

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Liz said...

Eek, sorry about the tiger stripes. But I know exactly what you mean... I had those once too.

But you look lovely in this picture. :)