Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life balance

I thought getting a Blackberry would help me stay more organized. Well I have been really good about remembering things (well, answering my reminders), but I still haven't been able to find the extra hours a day it promised me on the box. You know the disclaimer that reads;

"Warning - use of this device will keep you so organized that you will be searching for things to do in all of the spare time you find" Yeah right. Well maybe it's just that time of year?

Work went through a new cycle and changed all of our templates and color/layout schemes. So I have been nurse graphic designer for the past 3 weeks. I've even had to stay late 3 days every week. You see there is one of me and 10 of them. By them I mean the bankers and analysts I work with. That being said there hasn't been much time at work to blog.

This takes me to the busy times at home. My last post was me trying to get some feedback on a quilt I am working on for my nephew. It's his 2nd birthday in less than a week and I need to get the quilt done. I've only gone 25% of it complete so I am starting to freak out a bit.

I took last Friday off to get some things done around the house. We did lots of laundry, I worked on the quilt and we even got to clean out and organize the garage.

My cousin also moved last weekend, you know the one who lived across the street. So we spent 8 hours Saturday night painting and another 4 hours helping her move on Sunday. Then my husband had a baseball game. After the entire weekend of jumping here there and everywhere we went back to work on Monday more tired than when the weekend started. I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to get rested on the weekend and feel recharged on Monday?

In all of that I was able to read the first two books from the Stephanie Myers series. I read Twilight and New Moon in 5 days. They were a birthday gift from my best friend. I got them the night before we left for Grove City and read ¾ of Twilight on the trip there and back.

That reminds me. Kenrick and I went to Grove City 2 weekends ago to do some long over due work shopping. We haven’t bought work clothes in a very long time, since before our wedding. So shopping with our combined birthday money was a blast. Grove City has the best outlets I’ve seen, other than the huge outlet in Orlando Florida. I’m loving all my new clothes and feel like a new woman walking around work.

So what have been up to now? I’ve been searching for ideas for Halloween costumes for my cousin’s annual party (wow how many times did I say “for” in that last sentence? I’m sure Liz will correct my grammar). I’ve got the perfect idea….stay tuned.

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