Friday, October 17, 2008

Style at Home Show

Okay Ladies, if your are in the GTA and love design you won't want to miss the Style at Home Show this weekend at the Direct Energy Center. This is the first show and I hope it is not the last. The ID Show is more of an up and coming show, often with items that the everyday person can't afford. The S@H show has great stuff like designer Lynn Spence showing you how to decorate using HomeSense (Designer store with everyday prices), High/Low shopping - where to splurge and were to pinch, Hosting great parties, and holiday menus. I subscribe to this magazine and can't wait to see what the first show they hold brings. Thanks Kenrick for getting me the tickets.

After the design show we are meeting Kenrick's sister and a friend for dinner at HotHouse before we all go to the Madonna concert.

Sunday was supposed to be a day to finish the storage room but Kenrick won tickets and a bus ride to Buffalo to see the Bills (his favorite football team). So once again we are off and running about.

At least tonight will be quiet. We will be stocking the storage room and cleaning the basement. You know you're getting old when these are the kinds of activities you look forward to on a Friday night :)
The side cleats are up and the room is now primed and painted. Thankfully dad was there to help with the shelves. The post from the builder was not straight and in turn made our side supports crooked. Lesson learnt, always measure - never assume. Dad had to trim each shelf on all sides to make it fit. Tonight we will put the shelves in, vacuum and lay the carpet (which by the way fit the room exactly!) and begin to organize the items. Hopefully we can get to the rest of the basement soon. And yes I said vacuum, what you've never vacuumed concrete basement floors before? LOL


chriskauf said...

Yes I will be going to the show on Saturday , for sure , can't wait .

Natalie said...

Thanks for blogging about the Style at Home Show! I'm the editor of and we're really excited about it!

You can get more great decorating and design information online at!

Thanks and have fun at the show!