Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tis some Cords lurking at my chamber door!

Please note that for some reason I am bursting at the seams with blog post today so there are 5 posts including this one :)

Yesterday I blogged about the Halloween decorations that I finally got around to putting up. What I forgot to blog about was the small issue I am having and can't seem to think of a good solution for. See the 100' of ugly industrial extension cord hanging from my - gasp - mailbox! The only plug that I have at the front of the house is the one by the front door. I have a flood light and strobe light among the decoration in the yard and this is the only place to plug them all in. Anyone have any ideas to hide them? Kenrick suggested stuffing them into the mailbox, but I'm not sure they will fit. Plus I'm not putting my hands in there where potential bugs are lurking-yuck! I thought about a witch or ghost, but think it might be to scary for the little ones that come to the door. It's one thing to have a wearwolf lounging on the grass, but it's another thing to have a monster lurking right next to the doorbell.

Suggestions, links? Your help is appriciated.


Chris Kauffman said...

Do you have a deep basket , you could tuck it out of the way towards the porch , and hide it in there , a basket with a lid would work really well. Or even another potted plant , just get a big pot and sit the plant on top , take it out to water it of course .

SweDaisy said...

I like the basket idea. I could definately do that. Thanks Chris.

Pleasant Drive said...

You have been one busy bee, haven't you? Your house looks so warm and cozy!

Liz said...

I love the basket idea...no suggestions here. I've got NO plug in the front of the house. I guess it can only be explained by some genius who built it in 1952... but it makes me so mad!

Freckles Chick said...

Love the decor! I agree w/ the bastket idea for the cord.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your super sweet comments, girlie! I heart your blog =)