Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend progress

Now here are the inspiring pictures. The left and right side of the soon to be storage pantry. I know what you are all thinking, "how can an 8x10 room hold all that stuff? Well the food, household items and seasonal decor will all be new tenants of this space. The shelves from the south side of the basement where the food and household items are now will be the new home for all of the tools and home improvment supplies.

Kenrick and I tried to frame the two post so that they would be support walls for the shelves. Unfortunately neither of us have ever built shelves and we came into some "hammering" issues.

So a quick phone call to my dad was the next step for this DIY-er. Thankfully he wasn't busy and came over right away to help us work on the room. Thanks Dad.

Last night Kenrick and I painted the first coat and the shelves. CIL Pale Pacific. More pictures to come soon.

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