Monday, November 3, 2008

Gouls, Chocolate Stashes and the New Guy

I know I really need to start thinking up more interesting titles for my posts. , But hey check out the new banner. I'm so proud of myself.
Any hoo - the first image is the house on Halloween all lite up. I had one little mermaid tell me my house was the scariest one. I also had a few kids tell their parents they didn't want to come to my house cause it was too scary. You could hear them across the street. My first set of kids came with all of their parents. The parents were so thrilled to see all of my decorations they took picturs of all the kids in different areas on the lawn. Their kids loved every minute and asked if they could kick the wearwolf to see if he was real. It was so much fun. I am also happy to report there was no leftover candy. My waistline says thank you.

Near the end of the night I had to send Kenrick down to the storage pantry to grab my box of backup chocolate. He was so upset that I was about to give away his favorite chocolate. I told him to spill the box and pick all of his favorites before the next set of kids came to the door. For those of you looking into the background, yes his electric drums are still in our living room. Every please welcome the newest squatter to my living room, the fooze ball table. This table was inherited from my cousin because he doesn't have anywhere to put it. I don't know why it didn't make it's way down to the basement, but it's lying in the middle of the living room and its legs are stashed in the corner of the dining room. I can't wait for the holidays to come so that we can start entertaining in our home again. Then these items will not and can not stay in this room

Kenrick's stash unfortunately didn't make it through the night. We had so many kids I had to hand these guys out too. Maybe I will get him a coffee crisp on the way home tonight to make up for it :)

This will definately make you all laugh. 2 years ago, for my wedding shower gift, one of my aunts gave us a pizza stone that came with it's own pizza cutter. The stone makes wonderful pizza (dispite the oil stains from the cheese that just won't wash off), but the pizza cutter was a little wobbly. It has been fine for the past few years because we swore we would only use it on home made pizza and with our busy schedules don't get to make it that often. Until recently when we discovered some really yummy, and not that bad for you, frozen pizzas at our groceery store. Now we are eating pizza at least once a week or every other week. It's a quick dinner when neither of us want to cook, or it's late. On our last visit to HomeSense, Kenrick announced that our little wobbly pizza cutter just doesn't (cut it) measure up anymore. So we set out in search of a new one. Meet the new, Mario Batali deluxe super-dee-duper pizza cutter (that's not the actual name). The thing is massive and dwarfs our old pizza cutter. Poor little guy. Maybe I will keep him around for cutting other food items and leave the heavy duty pizza cutting business up to the new guy.

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Chris said...

Your starter pizza cutter is just the one I started out with , I recently got a big pink kitchen aid one from Homesense , it even came with a blade protector , sharp .
Your house looked great for Halloween , we had one house here that was out of this world , she opened up the front doors and deocrated the foyer , she had potions on the console table and a black light inside I am going to steal that for next year , it was magical , my oldest daughter wouldn't go up , she is a bit of a chicken , funny!