Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Internal eggs are dying everyday

This one is for all those ladies out there that have started to hear the pitter patter of your internal eggs. Yes I said internal eggs. I was blog reading today and Liz has the cutest story posted today. You must read this if you are a mommy, are thinking of becoming a mommy, or dream some day of being a mommy. It's too cute to pass up.


Chris said...

That is such an awful thought .

Chris said...

No offense taken , quite the opposite , I just think the thought of viable eggs dying is sad , especially to girls like you haven't had a baby , sometimes it is not easy to get pregnant , I have seen family struggle with losses , and I think that everyone who wants or longs to have a baby should be able to and I truly sympathize with those that can not .
I wanted to donate my eggs because I am finished only to find out I was too old being over thirty , amazing to me , if my eggs are old and most wait until after 30 to start I am sure the chances of troubles occuring really increases .
Its too bad "we" can't just freeze those eggs from our twenties just in case .

Liz said...

Yeah, as much as that story was funny... it is pretty horrifying. I just try not to think about it. Plus,I was my mom's first child at age 31, and she had my youngest sister ten years after that. And with endometriosis. So there's hope for us all!