Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Christmas Crush

Where does one begin. The magic that is captured inside these tiny little ornaments is amazing. Vintage ornaments have always been a favorite of mine. Take for instance the bell shaped ones above. I remember the red ones we had growing up.

Or maybe your favorites where the ones that had the "belly buttons". You know the ones I mean their centers were pushed in just like a belly button. The hand painted ones were always so special.

How exciting would it be to open a box or bin and find these pretties inside. Although I'm not sure how safe this method of storage is. I remember as a child taking the fragile boxes out from storage, carful not to damadge the already worn cardboard. Most of them came with a plastic window that always ripped or fell off completely leaving them vunerable to damadge.

Now how yummy are these pastel coloured ones? I try to keep my tree mostly old fashioned. I find that way you aren't always buying new stuff every year if you have a trendy tree. Plus I love all the colour.

If you look really carefully to the top left corner you will find one of my all time favorites. The disco ball. They came in all colours and sizes. How fun and smart to have disco balls on the tree that would reflect the lights and make the tree sparkle twice as much.

We used to have these in red as well. I could never describe what shape the are. Pointed tear drops or pointed ovals? Can you remember the name you used for them?

And now you can find all sorts of bright coloured unique decorations in every retail store from here to kingdom come. Some are glass and are expensive, others are plastic and just don't glitter the way glass ones do. There's sparkles, feathers, and new "belly bttons", but they aren't the same. They don't hold the memories of childhood Christmas'. We look at them and yes they are pretty but everyone has them and they just don't have the aged look to them. I like the cracks, and chipped sparkles, give me the ones that are starting to loose their paint and even the ones you can't find the full set for anymore. Those are the ones I want. So if you are close to me or related, or just have pitty on me, send me your old decorations. I promise they will always have a spot on my tree and their stories will never be forgotten. If you can't bear to part with them them please blog about them and take a picture. I would love to see Christmas memories through your eyes.


Chris said...

If you happen to find a good spot to buy vintage origional glass ornaments please let me know .
I love the old chippy ones they just have soul
Happy weekend

Chris said...

you must check out this link , so many antique ornaments oh my .