Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laundry Reno - Before

Here's what the closet in the laundry room has looked like for the past two years. Our red cleaning bucket with all of the "tools" needed get shoved in the bottom. Those tall hanging black shelves from Ikea store my flip flops and one has hats, scarves, mitts etc. The Swiffer and broom hang on hooks in our feeble attempt to organize. The top shelf has 2 baskets of kitchen towels that always seems to be too full and our two Costco jugs of detergent and fabric softener [that are just too tall for me to reach comfortably].

So we emptied the closet. No baskets, no hooks, no hanging storage. It's actually bigger than I remember it being :)

We removed the door and I tried to fill the holes left by the hinges and the latch with wood filler. It didn't work. So the next step is to remove all the trim around the opening and finish it off like a flat wall. Yeah demo.

Full length view [mainly for comparative purposes when the closet is done] Stay tuned for more updates. This is a project I hope to finish this weekend. Together with K on Saturday and solo on Sunday, it's Superbowl! I will be taking a half time break to see "The Boss" preform. Good old Bruce.

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