Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More updates from last week

First I must bid "Au Revoir" to my trust Brother sewing machine. She has been great over the past 8 years. I've made Halloween costumes on her, baby gift and attempted other tasks that weren't so successful and won't be mentioned. She has been a wonderful craft companion and she will be missed.
I will however still be able to visit her. I will be giving her to my niece for her birthday this year along with a bunch of fabric and notions. She has started sewing, well hand stitching. She makes clothing and accessories for her American Girl doll. She even makes gifts for her cousins AG doll. Rebecca was the first one to receive a sewn gift from me. You could say she inspired me to take my trusty sewing machine from of the shelf and use her to hand make a gift. We bought her AG doll a bed from Ikea last Christmas and I decided to make a quilt for the bed. This also introduced me to the world of blogging.

I can't say yet what the new sewing project is, but I will say that it prompted me to look into getting a more powerful machine. I did some online research and determined what I needed out of a machine. With that said, say good bye to Brother and hello to my new Janome 415. I bought her from a lady off of Kijiji. the machine retails for a couple hundred dollars. I was able to bargain and get it for $150. She is much more powerful and sewing is smoother with her. She even has some neat new tricks like auto needle threading and a lot more stitches. I am able to drop her "feed dogs" [technical term for the "teeth" that help the fabric move past the needle] and look forward to learning how to free hand quilt on her. Wish me luck!

Thanks Meg for your delicious recipe for baked french toast. I showed it to Kenrick on Thursday and he requested it for breakfast on Friday. I have to say not only was it easy and only used 2 dishes {a bowl to beat the egg} It was delicious! K wants me to try it again this weekend with bananas on top!

Here's a quick peak at the centerpiece I made for Easter dinner at our house. I took the flowers from the monthly bouquet K buys me and taped the ribbon to the existing vase. I used the butterflies from my wedding bouquet to cover up where the ribbon ends.

Close up of one butterfly in the flowers

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SAB said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine. I love sewing. It is so awesome to create something by hand. Post some of you projects when you get them done!