Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Missing week recap (June 25-June 28)

(Dad on the left and his plant supervisor Peter)

June 25th - Dad had his retirement dinner with work today. He has worked for Mr. Christie for 36 years, practically the entire time he has been in Canada. Aside from a few weeks off for knee surgery a few months back, he has never called in sick!

Dad has always said to do your job so well that the company you work for could not afford to ever get rid of you. I think he did this pretty well. Seeing as his plant manager above, Peter, offered him an office job twice, a part time job and a contract position before finally accepting his retirement. They just didn't want to see him go.

Dad has been the supervisor for the creaming department for as long as I can remember. So pretty much if you've ever had an oreo, a fruit cream, or any other cream filled cookie from Mr. Christie either in Canada or parts of the US you can thank my dad for the delicious product of his labour.

Congratulations Dad on your retirement, you really deserve it. Like I said to your boss at the dinner "Mr. Chrisite has had you for the past 36 years, now it's your family's turn to have you back."

Jennie (my bf) and I at her baby shower

June 28th - Jennie is so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that threw her and "Blueberry" (that's what we call the baby) a fantastic shower. There were some great games and a never ending supply of food! Those Portuguese women really know how to cook.

Here's Jennie with her mom and sister Anna.

Jennie and the blanket I made for Blueberry.

She was so emotional when she opened the box. She hadn't even taken the blanket out and she began to cry. She just looked at me with those big brown teary eyes and pushed out her bottom lip and sighed. Well just great Jennie, cause one look from her and I began to cry too. When I asked her to stop crying, all she could say was "I can't because I know how much love went into making this blanket." Well that just made to two of us start to cry even more. What a pair of saps we are. Oh great - I'm crying again right now.

Jennie is due next Saturday. It seams like just a few days ago her and Aram were telling us all that they were expecting, and now we are one week away from meeting the little bundle.

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