Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Room Inspirations

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the mobile. I think we are leaning towards the felt birds. In related nursery news I have gathered some room shots from Flickr that are going to be a source of inspiration for us.

First, these two images of reading / feeding corners. The blue one below is where the original idea came from. Funny, most of what's in this picture isn't going to be the same. The bookcase is the same Pottery Barn one that both K and I love. We hope to build one similar and paint it a lovely shade of blue. The girl who made the blue nursery for her daughter really grabbed my attention when she talked about her love of books and the collection that she had on her own. For art in the room she used images of book covers from a large collection of best books and had them framed. The wheels in my head started to turn and I began to see, books, letters, numbers and vintage primary colours. I then remembered a polka dot fabric that I had seen before [picture to come soon]. This began the search for vintage toy and book rooms. Both ideas are gender neutral and slightly muted primary colours began to feel more like a kids room.

Meg's playroom room was also a jump off point for our nursery design. This room in her house is where the kids play, read and watch movies. I love the light walls. It allows the colors in the furniture and fabrics to really pop. Meg also framed some family favorite book covers and hung them above the bed. She used great vibrant fabric to draw colour and pattern into the room. She even used my favorite polka dot fabric on a refurbished lamp shade. The blue night table and red trunk sparked my inspiration to paint the bookcase, change table, night table and crib. They will all be different colours, but the colors will all be pulled from the polka dot bedding I found.

Books, numbers, painted furniture and vintage! Oh my!

Teddies, rocking horses and floor pillows are all so sweet. I can just see K and I now playing with our little Bunny and leaning on some bright floor cushions.

Again pops of colour with vintage inspired decor. The orange frames on the wall are fun. I love how they transformed plain white shelves into floating clouds.

Funny thing, as I was typing this post I received a message from a fellow blogger and spoke with a friend here at work. Both brought up the thought of waiting to see what we get to determine the decor of the room. Pinks and purples for a girl and blues and greens for a boy. I say funny, because just last night K and I were talking about this. We were in a baby furniture store and came across a pink crib. We both thought it was beautiful but also thought the same thing - not practical. You see even thought this is our first child, we plan on reusing a lot of their stuff for the other kids we plan on having. The cloth diapers, the furniture, even the room. They will always belong to our nursery. When our little one is big enough to move into their own room that's when the gender specific items will appear. The room should reflect them and so it's only fitting to incorporate their little personalities, likes and dislikes into their own room. Even though it can make decision making tough, I think it's almost better that we don't know what we are having so that it can't sway our decision making. There have been so many gender specific things that we have just loved, not knowing has definitely saved our wallets.

I do thank you all for your advice and tips. Trust me, when K and I saw the comments rolling in about the mobile we were really excited to see what you all thought. We do take what you say in to consideration. In fact often we take your design ideas as inspiration for our own home.

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Oonafey said...

I would opt not to find out the gender of my baby, if I was having one. I like the idea of a neutral nursery. When I was 11 months old, my parents moved into a new house. My mom chose antique furniture, Holly Hobby wallpaper, a brass bed, and lacey, eyelet curtains, shams, bedskirt, AND duvet. While I'm sure it was beautiful, I hated it. I definitely agree that it is best to wait until your child has developed their own personality before decorating, so it is THEIR room, not A room they stay in.