Thursday, September 17, 2009

Road Trip!

Just a little note, I'll be going out of town tomorrow. Actually out of country :) My parents, sister, her BF and my K are all taking a road trip to Grove City in Pennsylvania to do some serious retail shopping. So glad this weekend has finally come. I only have 1 cotton dress and 2 pairs of pants that fit [with the help of my Bella Band]. Yikes! I am 17 weeks along and have postponed buying maternity clothes long enough.

For the people who have never heard of a Bella Band, or if you are expecting, this little band saved my life and my pocket the last few months. We all know how expensive maternity clothes can be. I really didn't want to buy stuff and then have to go out and buy more a few months later. Especially since you never have any idea how big or what shape you will change into when you are carrying a baby. These bands keep your open buttoned [and now open zipped] pants up and safe from falling. So in the first few months when you are just starting to show you can still wear your existing wardrobe and don't have to buy too much new stuff. Now that my belly is clearly noticeable it's time for some real maternity clothes that will keep me feeling like a hip mama. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Oonafey said...

Yay! I love a reason to buy new stuff!! And I love road trips!
The whole time I am reading this post I am thinking, "But PA is not out of the country..." hehe. It is for you! I'm quick today.