Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Mommies than you can shake a stick at!

Congratulations to the two newest expecting mommies. One being my friend Dawn who just announced last Friday that she is expecting her second baby this June.

Another congratulations goes to Katie over at Bower Power.

I now know a handful of expecting mommies or new mommies and decided to give them their own shout out and created a new blog roll in my side bar just for mommies. I might even add some great mommy websites that I frequent.


MoonPie Designs

Rambling Renovators

Making it Lovely

The Stamford Wife


G+D said...

Oh my goodness Lis--you are so sweet! Thanks for the shout-out. Hope you're doing well!

Claire said...

Hooray for Mommies!

Anonymous said...

O thanks Little One ... i love getting shout outs! lol


Wanderluster said...

Thanks for the shout out, momma! Another blogger mommy you might want to check out is Erica at Urban Grace. She is a FANTASTIC interior designer and new mommy.

Steph said...

Such cute kids everywhere!

Thanks for the shout out!

MamaJ said...

Hello! Just happened to come across your blog, and I happen to be a relatively new mummy too! :) All the best for the pregnancy, and looking forward to "meeting" your little one!

Barry said...

I just stumbled across your site SweDaisy. My wife and I are both in Ajax, and have done more than our share of renovations as well. The pic of green painter's tape on the step stool was FAR too familiar!

Although we decided long ago not to have kids of our own, I want to congratulate you and K.

And love the pics at the top, tummies and all; motherhood should be celebrated far more than it is.

Making it Lovely said...

Aw, yay for all the new mommies (and moms-to-be)!