Friday, February 12, 2010

Closing a chapter, waiting for a new one to begin

(38 weeks)

Today was my last day at work. I now have 8 (well almost 7) days left. I'm due on February 20 but many people have speculated that I will go early. I have started to feel tired more and have more aches and pains than before. I'm also feeling the pressure of the baby much lower now. All of these are signs that the time is coming soon. Without a moment to spare. I no longer fit any pants other than my jeans and when I'm at home I really only fit 2 pairs of pajamas. Funny how this tiny life has already changed mine so much. I said that today when I was leaving work. I told everyone that I would be back in a few months to visit, but I would be a completely different person then. I will be a mom.

I am looking forward to being a mom and sharing parenthood with K. He does so much to help me and I know that most of my wonderful pregnancy is due to all that he does for me and around the house. He is a wonderful husband and will be a great father. I'm very excited to start this new chapter of our lives. I know this may sound weird but I'm looking forward to the pain of labour and I can't wait to see how K and I get through it. He is so supportive already, he even puts my socks on and creams my legs because I can't bend to reach them anymore.

Earlier this week he posted a letter to the "Bunny" on facebook...

Dear Bunny(Baby): Your mom and I are hoping to meet you soon! I just finished cleaning your new home and play area. Your bed is made, your clothes and diapers are washed. Your car seat is in the car so you can come home safely. We are so excited to hopefully soon meet you, we can't wait!! Just please don't give your mom a hard time to enter this world. See you soon. Love your mom and dad...xoxox

Gosh I love this man! Hopefully the next time I post is to tell you all that I've had the baby

Take Care,


Katie said...

its almost time for you!! i'm so exciteddddd! :)

SAB said...

I can't wait to until you share the good news! I also can't believe how quickly time has passed by. Best of luck with your delivery. I hope this little baby brings you all the joy in the world.

Jen M said...

Best of luck! You look adorable. I can't believe you have worked until so late in your pregnancy, you are a trouper.

Wanderluster said...

What a sweet husband you have - just the kind you want at your side as you start this exciting journey. Wishing you a safe and speedy labour!