Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah's House Season 3!

Just read about this one on Sarah's website. I can't wait I love what Sarah does.Stay tuned Tuesday March 9, 2010 on HGTV Canada to see it all unfold!

Here's what I got from the shows Facebook page

Episode Schedule
March 9, 2010 - Ep. 28 Mudroom and Entry
March 16, 2010 - Ep. 29 Main Bedrooms
March 23, 2010 - Ep. 30 Main Bathroom
March 30, 2010 - Ep. 31 Kitchen
April 6, 2010 - Ep. 32 Dining Room
April 13, 2010 - Ep. 33 Living Room
April 20, 2010 - Ep. 34 Kids' Bedrooms
April 27, 2010 - Ep. 35 Family Bathroom
May 4, 2010 - Ep. 36 Master Bedroom
May 11, 2010 - Ep. 37 Exterior/Finale

Ep. 28
Sarah buys a farm within commuting distance to the city to get more space for the money and to prove you can get the home of your dreams right now. First order of business is to bring functionality and style to the bare bones entry and mudroom and shoehorn a powder room into the space. Hers and Tommy’s goal is to maximize storage without minimizing character!

Ep. 29
Living outside of a major city can mean unexpected sleepovers. Sarah creates two distinctive and welcoming bedrooms that also work for guests. Fabrics and flea market furnishings make them sumptuous, while Sarah’s revival of architectural touches makes them unique. Proof positive that a couple of lemons can make seriously good lemonade!

Ep. 30
How to push your design limits on a strict budget. Sarah and Tommy leave their comfort zone by mixing and matching bathroom fixtures from different eras into one single design statement. However, before reaching the pretty stuff Sarah must make sure that all modern conveniences can be incorporated while being on a country septic system!

Ep. 31
Creating a cook’s kitchen from a hodge podge of smaller rooms. Sarah faces down old uneven floors, low hung windows and confusing flow to make this room the home’s epicenter. Big box cabinetry meets country, mixed with period and modern task lighting and other accents. This kitchen is the litmus test for how country Sarah is willing to go

Ep. 32
A passageway between two rooms becomes the hub for family dining. Sarah navigates the tricky design, which links a remodeled kitchen to a newly added living room. Virtually everything must be ripped out to give her a clean slate. In spite of the awkward set up Sarah and Tommy create a space as deliciously welcoming as it is stylish!

Ep. 33
Designing a living room from the ground up, literally. Sarah uses the countryside as inspiration to bridge the classic charm of her farmhouse with a brand new addition, which includes a great room. Modern furniture, combined with a fieldstone fireplace and antique accessories results in a country retreat with urban appeal!

Ep. 34
Competition is the name of the game when Sarah and Tommy tackle the kids’ bedrooms. They go head-to-head in a design showdown to complete the two rooms on style and on budget. By working with opposing colour palettes and rummaging through the farmhouse’s nooks and crannies, Sarah and Tommy create two completely different rooms that share the same vintage character!

Ep. 35
Sarah flips design logic on its head in the main bathroom by making a brand-new bathroom look like its been there all along. With a limited amount of floor space, she and Tommy create a space that has all the comforts of a private en suite but with all the features of a full-service family bathroom. Modern functionality meets classic country charm!

Ep. 36
Creating the ultimate getaway space! By focusing on transitional accents, elements and materials Sarah and Tommy design a space at once grand and intimate. Vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors add architectural interest, while an antique rug and a gas fireplace set the mood for a most private retreat!

Ep. 37
Her country house done, now Sarah learns how much value her renovation decisions have added to the place. A trio of real estate agents tours the home room-by-room, starting with the refreshed original exterior and new addition. At the same time Sarah and Tommy recount the renovation experience, from the mud and mosquitoes to the fantastic results!


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