Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Etsy Finds

So I've been on Etsy again buying a few patterns for my aunt. She is amazingly talented and crocheted numerous blankets and booties for Olivia and her cousins. I just love having hand made items for Olivia. At the same time I am trying to learn and make her some sweet items of my own. Thanks Etsy!

On a sweeter note, there's nothing better than a lazy afternoon lying on the floor starring into your daughter's eyes and making her smile.


Rambling Renovators said...

Etsy is a dangerous place for a new mom! I love all those crocheted items. My favourite newborn outfit of Chloe's is this sweater and hat knit by our 92 year old neighbour.

Such a cute pic of you and Olivia. Is that a sweater from Banana Republic Outlet you're wearing? I have the same one!

Tizzalicious said...

Those little boots are so cute!

Natalie Catherine said...

how cute are those!!!! oh my goodness. adorable.