Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bloume Baby giveaway

Project Nursery is hosting a giveaway for Bloume Baby. Take a look at the beautiful items they sell.

The first item I like is the 3 pack of Organic Cloths are from a farm in central India. Not only are these beautiful cloths green, they give back to the farmers to help overcome poverty.

I also love the wooden xylophone. Made of recycled rubberwood and painted with non toxic water based ink. I can only imagine the fun Olivia would have with this toy.

Finally the organic muslin swaddle blankets. Sometimes on our walks the sun beats down on Olivia and I use a receiving blanket to protect her from the sun. I'm sure it must be really warm under the blanket. These muslin blankets would protect her but still be light enough to use in the warm weather.

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