Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I called 9-1-1 today!

Why does this picture look so weird. Well it was taken with my iPhone from outside the car. After "The Ordeal".

This morning started like any normal gym day. Exercised with some fellow mommies and my cousin, then walked back to the car with my cousin and our babies.

I put Olivia in the car and started to pack the bags. I used the remote start to turn the car on and have the a/c going. It was hot and I didn't want Olivia to get to hot while I put the rest of stuff in the car. I closed her door [mistake #1] and turned to the trunk. I waved bye to my cousin and walked to the rear of the car.

I rested the keys on the trunk [mistake #2] and began to take the stroller apart and place it in the trunk. I closed the trunk and that's when I heard the "clink" that made my heart sink. The keys got stuck half in and half out of the trunk. No worries just use the in car release button, right? Wrong? I walked to the driver's door and pulled on the handle, nothing. That's right folks I locked the keys in the trunk and my baby in the running car. See when you use the remote start the first thing it does is lock all the doors before starting the car.

I yelled "Oh my gosh!" A lovely lady heard my yell and drove over to help me. Thank goodness the a/c was on. It was a hot day and I don't know how long Olivia would have lasted in a hot car. I used the nice ladies phone and called K at work to get the spare key. He couldn't answer the phone. My phone was in the car and I couldn't remember any other numbers. By this time Olivia stopped smiling at me through the window and began to cry. That's when my heart started to ache. Up until this point I had remained calm. So on to plan B.

Andrea, the nice lady, suggested calling 911. I told them it wasn't an emergency that needed fire, police and ambulance. The operator dispatched one cop car and one tow truck driver to help me. Olivia stopped crying and fell asleep. Thankfully she slept for the rest of the ordeal. Just as the car turned off, along with the a/c, the tow truck pulled in.

He was in the car within 5 minutes. As he worked he told me about a lady yesterday who's child passed out in the car from the heat while they worked on the lock. So as soon as the door unlocked I grabbed Olivia and gave her a little shake to wake her up. She opened her eyes, smiled at me and went back to sleep. I checked her body temp and she wasn't hot at all.

Relief, my little baby was safe and sound and probably won't remember any of it. So after I paid the tow truck driver I checked on her one more time then took a picture so that I could blog about it. Funny I've only used the remote start 3 times to get the a/c going. Something tells me I won't be doing it again.

Side note - the cop never showed up.


Jen said...

Phew, I'm so glad your story had a happy ending! I've never heard of turning a car on with remote control, I've never seen a car that can do that, that's crazy.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

OHMYGOODNESS! So glad she's all right!


Just Beachy said...

You poor thing, that must have been so awful , it happens to so many people.

Laura said...

so as I am about to open your blog, the phone rings, it's auntie joan, she's out of breath and yelps my name. at that exact moment I read the blog post title and immediately had a "oh.my.god.!!!!" moment. of course i had to listen to auntie joan while reading the post to make sure everyone was okay and after 20 seconds of listening to her go on about heat in the back bedroom i realised everyone must be fine and then i got to the end of the post and could relax a little. but to be on the safe side let's make a rule, no more blog post titled with 9-1-1-, because all it does it give auntie laura a heart attack!!!

Designwali said...

phew....sometimes these things happen to give us a jolt and remind us to all pay attention. glad all is well!

Sharstin said...

ah jeez! that is scary--glad everything is ok:) that can happen so easily~

KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Those moments that make your heart stop. Glad everything's ok.

You know that you can disable the lock feature with the automatic car starter? I asked it to be disabled once Lucas was born and found out it was an option. I was so worried that I was going to lock him in the car.

Anonymous said...

How frightening for you! So glad all turned out well.


twoandcounting said...


Thought you might need that. Glad baby Olivia is ok and you are too. Don't beat yourself up though. Remember good outcome!


Rambling Renovators said...

Oh Lisa, how scary that must have been! So glad to hear that Olivia is fine and slept through most of it.