Friday, August 20, 2010


At almost 6 months Olivia has started solid foods. She seems to like feeding herself from large pieces of food. Here we gave her some avocado and let her go to town. She loved it.

We also tried it with banana. Even though it looks like she doesn't like it here, she wouldn't give up the banana. It did get very difficult once the banana, her hands and the tray all became super slippery.

Thanks to our enrichment group, one of the mommies suggested this book. It has some great helpful tips for first time feeding and weaning. Not to mention some wonderful recipes. Today for lunch Olivia had a combo puree of sweet potato, carrot and apple. She ate almost a half an ounce. Right now it's all about getting her used to the textures and chewing. Thankfully she loves water and we always wash our mean down with a little H2O just in case.

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