Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How she's hanging

Over the weekend we went to a friends BBQ. It was a great time. Good food and good friends. If you remember this post, Olivia loves the sling. So I thought I would update you all with how she hangs now. She sits upright and can look all around. When she falls asleep she rests her head on my chest and is out. I love the sling and how hands free it is.

Here's a close up of the little miss with her new hat. When she doesn't realize it's on her head she keeps it on. Sometimes she pulls it off and like everything else ends up in her mouth. I love that we have to turn the visor to the side so that she can see. The hat's a little big, but that just means that it will last a while.


Anonymous said...

Slings are the best! You look like a pro!

Still lovin' that hat! :) Great to see you all on Saturday...

Sharstin said...

darling! love that little hat too!