Friday, October 22, 2010

2 inspiring Canadians

On Tuesday, along with many other bloggers, I was invited to attend a taping of the Steven and Chris show. I took a lot of pictures, as did the entire audience. Some were tweeting during commercials. It was a wonderful day. I got to meet a few familiar faces and some new ones. I laughed the last couple of days to see how many of us had the same pictures and said the same stuff. Pulled pork sandwiches, Jenny McCarthy and some great DIY tips.

He really is as funny as he seems
So many involved in the production
A little run through
Gorgeous set

Steven and Chris are educated, entertaining, genuine and have wonderful personalities. It was inspirational to hear that they have been working together and been partners for 25 years. The advice they gave about knowing when to move on to the next project or stage was great. You know when you have the feeling and things stop being fun. Their comfort for sharing their lives with us is so refreshing. I am proud to know that they are both Canadian and are now being aired in 40% of the US.

Steven, Jen (my sis), Me & Chris

I have been following them for years. Before Designer Guys, to Design Rivals and now, they have always been inspiration for me. Two very talented men who took their passions and interests and turned it into a successful business should be inspiration to us all. Anything is possible. I will definitely go to another taping. Maybe around Christmas time to get some more inspiration.

Sorry for the late notice, but the episode we taped airs today at 2pm, on CBC.


KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Hopefully I'll be able to tune in at 2pm today.

Wallpaper said...

Great pics!! I am sad that I missed you at the taping, I was in the nose bleed section lol!! oh well next time!!

BTW, you and your sis look like twins!!

Rambling Renovators said...

Great pics Lisa. It was so nice meeting you (though I felt like I already knew you!). And I have to agree with Wallpaper - you and Jen do look like twins. So sorry I mixed you up, haha! The bangs threw me off ;)