Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cleansing with Water and Oil

Our sweet little girl was baptized this past weekend. Here are a few pictures to detail the day.

My favorite picture
She didn't even move when Fr. Roy poured the water on her. She actually wanted to get back in, like it was the pool.
Olivia with her Godmother Chandra and her Godfather Ryan
Proud Mama and Daddy
Yummy vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cup cakes.
Thanks Siobhan at For the Love of Cupcakes.
Siobhan went to school with my husband and we were so happy to have her make Olivia's cake and cupcakes. They were a hit. Some people had more than one, there were only 3 left.

We took some pictures with Olivia with her cake.
She touched the top frosting and was interested with the texture.
God bless you Olivia, Love Mama and Daddy.


Sharstin said...

oh what a wonderful day! she looks gorgeous! love all the cute pink details:)

Wallpaper said...

Olivia looks darling!! great pics, love the cupcakes and cake!! Congrats to Olivia and you and your family :) xoxo