Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Family Hero

A real live paramedic and his ambulance. My cousin Jamie is a paramedic and he came to my nephew's birthday. The kids had a blast asking "what's this do" and getting to turn the sirens on. He was so kind and patient with everyone including the adults - hee hee.
Here Olivia is posing on the stretcher. What you don't see is the several aunts and uncles at the doors taking pictures of this sassy little diva. She loves to smile for the camera.
Thanks to auntie Mich for the cool hat and badge. Olivia actually cried a little when I took the badge off. It was a wonderful party and so much fun.
I think it is very important for kids to be exposed to real life heros. It gives them a healthy role model to look up to. I remember in high school a few local police officers would visit our school once a month and just hang out with us. We were familiar with them and felt comfortable around them. They were there if we needed to talk to someone and also let us know that they weren't mean and scary, but there to help. I am so proud of my cousin and all that he does. He may look big and scary to some, but he has the gentlest heart and is always there to help. God bless him and all those who serve and take care of us and our world. I'm glad to say he is part of my family.

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