Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stairway to bookcase

Have you ever heard of the Habitat for Humanities Re-Store? Basically anything that can be salvaged from a reno can be donated and resold in their store. The profits go back to the charity and the staff are people who have been helped by the charity.

How does this tie into my request for a bookshelf? Well awhile ago I asked my dad to help me build a bookcase for Olivia's room. We searched everywhere for wooden spindles that had screws in them. 20 years ago he built a bookcase this way and I knew it was the look I was going for. Sadly the companies that used to make these items went out of business and we couldn't find them anywhere.

After searching Home Depot and finding that wooden spindles cost almost $8 a piece we decided to try the Re-Store. We searched high and low for enough of the same style spindle. We were in luck and found a set of oak one's that had never been used. They were a little muddy and discoloured, but we planned on priming and staining them anyway. We wheeled a deal with the clerk and paid less than $40 for 12 spindles.

My dad cut them and inserted screws into half of them. Along with some leftover MDF and a $9 can of mistint paint, we ended up with a great end product. Stay tuned for some finished pictures.

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