Thursday, October 28, 2010

Updates to the Nursery

Another task done. Before Olivia's baptism I needed to have some items completed for her room. I have been collected small items for this wall collage above her crib. The large white frame on the right is a prayer that I bought on Etsy. I also bought two prints and got some inexpensive frames from Goodwill. The "O" is from Michael's craft store. I glued some pretty scrapbooking paper to it and sanded the edges. The "Live, Laugh, Love" is also from Michael's. The sweet little bird is something I saw online and asked my uncle to make. He's great with woodwork. My dad painted it and voila! A sweet little collage for my sweet baby.

The other two tasks that were completed in the nursery were the painted tree with the darling little birds and the bookcase. The tree was something that my sister painted when I was pregnant. We were supposed to paint birds in it, but we never got around to finishing it. I went on Etsy and found some sweet vinyls and ordered a few. Within a few minutes they were up and the tree was done. The bookcase was something that I designed along with my dad. We took some old staircase spindles and made them into the bookcase below. To be honest I left the craftsmanship up to him.
Two little birds that my uncle also made. He carved them and my dad stained them pink. Next to her piggy bank and her collection of Olivia books.
Two cute little suitcases I got from HomeSense. Would you believe 4.99 and 6.99! Inside I put all of her keepsakes from the hospital and the first weeks she was born. The gown and hat, the id bracelet, cards, stuff like that. The little cotton box on top was something from my childhood. My mom gave it to me when I was still pregnant. I didn't want to use it and risk breaking it.
Just like the little bird on her collage wall, the two bookends were made by my uncle and dad. My dad used the wood left over from the cut spindles, no waste here.
The two boxes were bought at HomeSense. They were in the clearance section. I still can't find anything wrong with them, but I was glad for the $5 and $7 price tag. Inside are her blocks and other small toys that would make the room look cluttered.


Rambling Renovators said...

The room came out great! I love all the personal touches. And what a talented uncle and dad you have - the woodwork is impressive.

Stacey said...

Gorgeous! A lovely room for a lovely little girl! You are so lucky to have such talented family -LOL! It's no wonder that's where you get your creative talents :)

Sharstin said...

love all these cute touches! such a cute room~