Tuesday, November 30, 2010

9 months

The biggest change with Olivia this past month, is that she is fully crawling - in fast forward. She pulls herself up to stand with anything in her sight, coffee table, chair, leg, her drum set. She has such a definite personality, even a little temper when she doesn't get her way. I have no idea where she gets that from (haha). She loves solid foods and has to be eating when she sees anyone around her eating. She knows the difference when a cell phone is off or not opened and gets mad when we are on the phone and she can't hold it. She came back from our vacation with an Independence to feed herself and doesn't want to eat from a spoon anymore. She also knows how to drink from a straw and has a water bottle that goes everywhere with us. Everyday that passes her personality emerges a little more. With just a few weeks away, we can't wait to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with our little girl.

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Autaven said...

Look at all of that hair!! :)


Sharstin said...

she is so darling! can't believe how fast they grow!

phoenix said...

Adorable! These pics make me miss my niece!