Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Christmas

With this being Olivia's first Christmas, I wanted to start some family traditions in our home. One idea I saw that I liked was a non-chocolate advent calendar. Instead of chocolates everyday there is a little note to remind you to do somehing. Like put up the tree, make and mail cards, sing Christmas carols etc. I decided to search online and see what I could come up with.

sweet little baby Christmas socks hung on a line
Basket of stockings
Cookie sheet magnets
Scrapbook paper or recycled cards
Graphic paper flip up
Scrapbook paper and tiny gift boxes
So what about you? Any family traditions that you would like to share?


Omiyage said...

Our mum always created the most wonderful Advent calendar for us - a tradition we carry on today in one form or another. Most years it was a wreath of small presents that my sister and I shared. We might unwrap chocolate (it's kinda inevitable), a bottle of glitter, some Christmas socks, a new toothbrush... It was always so much fun!

We rounded up some of our favourite Advent ideas here: http://omiyageblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/advent-calendars.html

Jess said...

i love the baby socks one...so cute!!! so many traditions!!! one of our favorites...every night starting in December Santa's elves leaves a Christmas book for each child...you will be amazed at how fast they get in their pjs knowing there is a book waiting for them under the tree each night!!! over the years i have bought new and used books at tag sales and after christmas sales...after Christmas they disappear until next year!

thanks for your comment on our toy room makeover!!! my son's tool bench is from Sears...it is made by Craftsman...this one is wooden and has held up pretty well!