Monday, November 15, 2010

Hall of Inspiration

I can't remember which blog I saw this image on, so if it was yours please let me know so that I can link back. I love the look of this image. It really got the design wheels turning.
This piece is nice for storage, but I think a seat or bench of some kind is useful in a front hall for putting on shoes.
I love how casual and relaxed this bench feels. Unfortunately I don't have enough width in my hall for something like this.
These white benches are great for storage and for a seat that can be tucked away. I think I would have to make sure the covers could be removed and washed.
I've always loved a coat rack. Maybe I can make something like this work. Right now our banister or kitchen chairs are our acting coat rack. Not good.
I'm a sucker for a good collage wall. I love their relaxed vibe.
I love owls, I love this owl. If I ever see it on sale I would buy it. $125 is not a price I am willing to pay. Even if it is Jonathan Adler.

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Oonafey said...

I love the first pic. That table is fabulous!