Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playroom Inspiration

I have a few boxes of toys to unpack from the basement before I know what I am working with. I would like to incorporate a magnet/chalk board in the playroom. I know chalk is usually messy, but it's better than a water table! I also like the ledge with the art work above. Maybe I can add this and use it as a guideline for the wall decor. I lay down some foam floor tiles, but now I'm not so sure I like them. Because they are sitting on carpet the tend to slide and buckle at the walls.

I'm loving the little vignette's Celeste created.
Love all the globes Caroline used. I think I might have 1 or two hanging around.

Fabric buntings are a great way to add colour, like Deb did.
Maybe just a simple line from Ikea to hang art like Katie. Except they will be empty for a while until Olivia starts to craft.

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