Friday, January 28, 2011

A Girl, A Train and A Box

We visited my workplace this week. It was Olivia's second train ride. She passed the time by quietly sitting in her stroller and reading a book for 45 minutes. Yeah right! We walked up and down the aisle, looked out the windows, pressed the buttons near the door, "spoke" with other passengers and offered them her snacks. I put her back in her seat as we pulled into the station and gave her a book to distract her.

My sister-in-law works in the same office, so we visited her. She thought it would be funny to put Olivia in a bankers box. Funny thing is she liked it. She sat inside reading her book and trying to close the lid on herself. My SIL says that after watch Olivia play with the box she is going to get her one for her birthday!

It was great to visit friends and show off my sweet little girl. I go back to work in March (not looking forward to that). At least now some people at work can put a face to the name when I talk about my baby girl.


Katie said...

What kind of stroller is that?? Is she facing you??? I LOVE THAT.

Please let me know!!

SAB said...

Good luck back at work! It will be hard, but it will feel like you never left after just a short while.

You will really learn to appreciate every moment with Olivia once you are back in the rat race (not that you don't now, but I hope you know what I mean).

PS - Michael loves that book. I love you through and through. I love your top side, your bottom side, your happy side and your mad side.....

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

who needs expensive toys when you have a box?