Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo {PH}ebruary Update

Step 1 - Organizing and Back up digital photos

1. Year, month, special occasion folders - folders have all been created on external hard drive.
2. Save all folders on external hard drive - photos from all forms of media have been copied onto the external hard drive.
3. Go through Discs and hard drive - Working on renaming, sorting, and deleting.

IHeart Organizing gave a brief outline and steps to take to backing up and organizing all photos on a PC. I work on a Mac and knew that the steps wouldn't be the same. I created all the folders on my external hard drive and copied all photos from iPhoto and CDs. Now I have to rename all the files by creation date and then sort them into the folders. I turned to my old pal Google and found a help site for Mac users. They suggested I use the application "Automator". You create an action for the computer to run based on what information you input.

I used actions to rename all the files with the date (YYYY/MM/DD_name.xxx).

Get Specified Finder Items - select files to rename
Sort Finder Items - sort
Rename Finder Items - Created, YYYY/MM/DD, Before Name, Forward Slash, Underscore, Use Leading Zeros
Thank goodness I found this application. I have over 8000 photos to sort through. I may not get to the "delete" part of the challenge but at least all of my photos are now saved in one spot. I will be happy if I can get all of the renaming and sorting done this month.

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