Monday, January 21, 2008

Tremblant, Quebec

This weekend some friends, my husband and I took an 8 hour road trip out to Mount Tremblant in Quebec. We went last year and I took snowboarding lessons with my best friend. It was really hard and I never made it up the mountain. But this year was different. I was determined to master the board and travel up to the top to actually snowboarding down a mountain. I am very proud to say that I did it! I practiced and tried to remember all that I was taught last year on the first day and I went up the mountain with my friends and husband on the second day. I am sore all over from all the falling, but hey that’s the only way to learn. It felt great to be gliding down the hill with the wind in my face. I’m still learning and will have to sharpen my handling and turning skills, not to mention how to stop. Something tells me throwing yourself down on the ground is not the right way to stop. Oh well, I may be sore but I had a great time. Not to mention I actually did some sketching and have some dolls I would like to try to make.

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