Friday, February 22, 2008

Reno in process

So last weekend was a long weekend thanks to our new "Family Day" holiday. My husband and I spent the day preping and painting our master bedroom. 3 of the walls are a lovely tan color and the big blank white wall behind the bed will be wallpapered in a darker brown with teal leaves. I can't wait.

I know the step ladder is a great night table (hehehe) but it's only temporary. I'm looking for a dark wood (but not as dark as the bed) 3 drawer dresser for either side. Since it is a King size bed and is almost 3' to the top of the matress (yes I jump to get on my own bed) a regular size night table is just too small. I also love the sparkle of glass knobs like these and glass lamps on either side, but they won't match. One will be more masculine for my husbands side and the other a bit pretty for me. This is where the ideas come to a hault. I have the room for a dresser or even a sitting area, but can't really decide. My husband would like to put a storage bench infront of the bench but I think something needs to go on the wall across from the bed....hhhmmmmm decisions.

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