Friday, February 22, 2008

They're gone!

Oh how sad I am....When we first moved into this house we loved the pond across the street. We loved it even more when all the ducks and Canadian geese came and filled the pond with their families. Every spring the street leaving my sub division is full of mama and papa geese taking their fuzzy grey babies for a walk. As the fall aproaches and the babies get bigger the pond is full of adult geese. So last year I took some amazing pictures. There are so many geese that you can't see the pond anymore. It's beautiful to see all the geese just floating on the water. My favorite part is when they decide to leave for a bit. They all start honking and flapping their wings. Some call it noise but I just love to be sitting on my porch and see all the geese flapping and honking across my roof.

So why am I sad? Well, last fall our computer got fried by a power surge and all my lovely pictures were lost. We had to replace the hard drive and start all over. So now we have a surge protector on the computer just in case. And I now save all of my pictures on an external hard drive. Sadly the picture of the geese are gone, but lucky for me they will be back!

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