Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Goals

It has now been 4 months since I posted my resolutions/goals for this year. Here's an update as to where I am.

-loose 20-15 lbs (yes today is day one and I kept on track!)
I have now lost a total of 14.2 lbs. I am so proud of myself. I hope with the return of the warm weather I will be able to start exercising outside now.

-incorporate healthy foods into my diet and cut back on processed foods
Absolutely! I wouldn't have reached the goal above if I didn't do this one

-be more active and exercise more
Still working on this one :)

-spend more quality time with my friends, family and husband
with the passing and illness of my Gran I spent every weekend with family. Not how I wanted to achive this goal, but I will keep working on this one

-have friends or family over for dinner at least every other month (nothing fancy, it's about getting to visit with loved ones and spend quality time with them – even if it’s for lasagna and board games)
Not easy to do with family when so many of us are so busy, just got to try harder

-take more photos – need to utilize my camera more
Yes this gets done, well I get camera happy around my family and their kiddies, but this goal was meant to be more creative photography. Hopefully with the warm weather I can incorperate this into my everyday or everyweek routines.

-finish our master bedroom, basement storage room, and kitchen backsplash
well the wallpaper and chandelier are up but we still can't find furniture for the master bedroom. The kitchen backsplash is done and looks great, the storage room took a back seat to my Gran.

-get window treatments up in the bathrooms – we still have those silly paper blinds
This one, funny enough is harder than I thought

-setup a financial plan with my husband and set goals to meet
Happy to report this one is doing well and that's how we were able to make the decision to go to Thailand

-make more hand made gifts instead of store bought
I'm having so much fun with this one, just seeing the reactions of others inspires me to do more.

-finalize the location of my “art” room and organize it – starting with a table for my sewing machine and shelves in the walk-in closet
My art room not only hasn't had any TLC last week you couldn't see the floor in there. Maybe with the start of the next goal this one will also get moved and taken care of

-If the time is right, begin a “family”…..
Stay tuned for this one, maybe the next few months....

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