Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sparkling backsplash

We bought the tiles back in Novemeber and said we wanted to have the backsplash done before Christmas. Due to Gran's illness, dad was not able to come to our house to help us. We wanted to try it on our own but didn't want to risk messing it up (glass mosaic tile isn't cheap). So we waited until dad was able to come up for one day. We ended up using Good Friday and Holy Saturday (yes we worked when we should have been resting and reflecting), but it had to be done, Kenrick's entire family was coming over and the tiles couldn't be left half done. While dad and Kenrick lay the tiles, I went back after them and cut out the random ones I didn't want to create our own custom pattern. Note to anyone doing tile, the hardest part is getting all the grout in those little tiny crevises. Sticking the tile to the wall was easy. To finish it all off we got some really nice stainless steel edges to finish the exposed tops and sides. It's so pretty now to turn on the hood light and see the backsplash sparkling back at us.

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chriskauf said...

the backsplash looks amazing , where ever did you find a blue kitchenaid, love it , sorry I haven't stopped by , looks like you have been making lots of wonderful changes in your house , and the weight loss , good for you , I am having trouble staying on track.
Looking great.