Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom's at work....

Hey it's Milo, look what I can do now. I know how to get up on the window sill. Mom's at work, not doing much of anything, dad's at work but he's coming home soon. Me I'm just chilling in my room listening to the birds and catching some zzzz's. See you later! Oh don't tell mom I used the computer, I still have a chewing the cords complex to get over and I'm not allowed near the silly machine.

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ismoyo said...

Milo, i think i love you! I just read what bosslady wrote about her thinking you was a girl first and then finding out you were a boy! Silly her. Glad she loved you and it didn't matter.
I won't tell her you used her computer. Oh, you are goodlooking and smart!