Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wedding weekend

Remember the Hindu wedding ceremony I went to a few weeks ago? Well this weekend was the christian wedding and reception. The ceremony was great and the bride looked beautiful.

Above is a picture of my cousin and my sister. The necklace's we are wearing is why I posted this. The brown one I am wearing originally had a huge brown flat pendant hanging down, creativley thought it was to much for the dress so I took it apart and took it off. The gold one my sister is wearing is a continuous chain of circles in different sizes. The necklace was far to long for the dress so I grabbed my trusty pliers and took it apart and shortened it.

The lesson here is you can shop for an item and look beyond what you are actually getting. Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect accessory, so have a vision and sometimes you might have to do a little DIY to get there.

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