Thursday, July 3, 2008

Patio Alternatives

So with making the decision that the poured concrete was to expensive we have begun to look at other options. Eventually we will have the pergola built above the patio, but for now we would liek to have the patio area finished for the rest of the summer so that we can entertain with out worrying about the frogs, and the lack of seating we have. Here are a few options that we are thinking of, any thoughts ladies?

A. Flagstone - I think this might be just as expensive if not more, but I really like the natural look of it. I also like the variety in color. I have heard that natural stone is delecate to a certain degree which means that if something heavy were to drop on it the stone would crack or break. Seeing as kids are in the future, this might not be the best option.

B. Tumbled interlock stone- On one side of the patio I would like to have a planter built with a ledge high enought to be extra seating. The tumbled interlock also comes with "toppers" that we can use as the ledge and also be stacked too built the planter. If we go with one of the options that doesn't have this ( like the paving slabs or the flagstone) then we will come up with another solution. Maybe wooden benches.

C. Oxford Slab - 16" x 16" pre cast slabs sold at Lowe's. This is a good option because there's a sale right now that if you spend $1000 you get a $15o gift card ( which we could use for patio furniture or maybe stuff for the inside of the house). I think the area that we would like done will end up costing $1500. I know it doesn't look natural but it's the closest to the concrete look. Plus it will be the eaisest to install and if they should crack or break we can buy them individually at Lowe's.

D. Quadral Paver - This is pretty much interlocking stone. I know I said I didn't want interlock, but this one doesn't look to bad. The combination of looking like a tumbled stone but with the installation ease of the patio slabs. There seams to be a variation in color like the flagstone too. I haven't priced this out, but it is also sold at Home Depot, Lowe's or Rona.


Erin said...

I think the last choice would be my favorite, I definately like the smaller stones as opposed to the large slabs.

I love the last one, that would be my choice!

I want to know what you decide on and see the after pics!

chriskauf said...

Wow what happened to concrete , I wanted to do a concrete side walk between our house and fence, guess I can't .
I was not a deck person either , but after finding out how much it cost for stone of any kind I was talked into a deck , I haven't stained it but I am not looking forward to the upkeep , so I understand but I am happy with it now and it is somewhere to decorate and lounge. I think the last option is the nicest as far as lower costs go , flag stone is very expensive , if you do ever do that don't let anyone talk you into installing it with mortar, with our weather stone needs to be able to move with the freeze and thaw.
Just got back from your neck of the woods, terrible traffic tonight, yikes!