Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slow day at work...

So today is a slow day at work, and I have been exploring flicker. I'm hoping to finaly go thrift shopping at the local barns and such around my town to find 2 old 3 drawer dressers that we can refinish and use as night tables. The issue is that our bed is so high [ 32" to the top of the matress] and is a king size bed. Regular night stands look dwarfed next to the bed. So I have this idea to get 2 similar, but not exact matched, 3 drawer dressers that will flank the bed. I want to paint them chocolate brown, and switch the knobs with sparkly glass ones. So these inspirational pieces have me dreaming of furniture thrift shopping this weekend.
How great would this be in the dining room. Lots of drawers for cutlery and linens, plus two side cupboards for platter and serving dish storage.

The next two I love for my art room. What a lovely place for fabric, scrapbook paper and hundreds of lovely embelishments to live. Not to mention my lonely sewing machine.


randomrevelations said...

I have a weak spot for old dressers. Not to mention flea markets. I guess that could be the reason I have a few in my garage waiting to be ravamped. I have that same problem with my bed. But I'm pretty sure I don't have room for 2 dressers on either side. And I also enjoyed seeing your last 2 projects. Especially the words in your kitchen. Amazing how something so simple and easy can add so much!

chriskauf said...

I am in love with that yellow dresser .
You will have to share your spots with me I would love to go scouting for fun treasures.
please email me about these barns .
don't forget to check out kijiji and craigslist too.

Liz said...

What did we ever do without flickr? I adore that first dresser. Who am I kidding, I love them all. :)