Friday, August 1, 2008

Trouble is spelt M-i-l-o

Last Saturday Kenrick got up before me and let Milo out of his room. Kenrick did his regular routine of making coffee and watching the news. When I got up, an hour later, I heard a certain feline in our closet. I walked over to find this mess below. It was a lovely little lavendar arrangement from my best friends wedding shower. Milo thought he would play mister flourist and rearrange the whole thing. I was mad at first but when you look at that sad little face you can't help but think "he just wanted to play, he's only a kitten". Yeah right!

This is the "i'm so bored, won't you play with me?" face


Liz said...

But just look at that face. :) He didnt mean it.

Liz said...

Hey girl... just checking on you!